Valuev explained the dip in “the hole heated”


Nicholas Valuewhat: Vladimir Fedorenko/ RIA Novosti

Former heavyweight boxer Nikolai Valuyev, who after completing his athletic career, he became a Deputy of the state Duma, responded to the criticism in a post in Instagram. Policies clarify the details of your bathing on a Baptism.

The post in question appeared on page Valuev on January 19. Some users felt that the hole where you plunged Valuev, fueled by: they drew attention to the beating from the water key. “This is the aerator. He works all winter. Is that the fish are not choked, and the ice did not freeze,” — explained the politician.

Valuev plunged into the hole in the village Syargi of Vsevolozhsk district (Leningrad oblast). On Saturday, January 19, Orthodox believers celebrated the Baptism of our Lord.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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