94-year-old filmmaker is a gay man accused of abusing actor


Franco Zeffirelli: Kika Press / Globallookpress.com

Italian Director Franco Zeffirelli was accused of sexual harassment. It is reported by People.

According to the actor by Jonathon scheck, the filmmaker molested him on the set of the film “Sparrow” when he was 22 years old. As stated by Shek, first Zeffirelli tried to “seduce him with the words” and knocked at the door of his room at night, but the actor was locked and blocked the door with chairs.

“Then one night while filming in Sicily, when my colleague left, he told me will come to me in the hotel room. This time he got hold of a key. He walked into the room while I was asleep,” he told NIS.

After that, the Director allegedly “seduced him in his bed.” “He would stick his hands into places that I couldn’t even imagine, and done things to me that I’m not proud of,” said the actor.

Son Zeffirelli, Pippo, responded to the accusations on behalf of his father. According to him, the 94-year-old filmmaker, who at the time of the alleged harassment was seventy, could not stick to the actor or trying to verbally seduce him. He called the words of the NIS false and unprovable.

Franco Zeffirelli is openly gay. He directed such films as “the taming of the shrew”, “Romeo and Juliet” and “Tea with Mussolini”. In his autobiography, he wrote that “homosexual experience is not always harmful to boys”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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