A portal to send the pharaohs to the afterlife found in the great pyramid


Photo: Fabian von Poser / Globallookpress.com

Scientists from Institute of Politecnico di Milano (Italy) suggested that the cavity was found inside the pyramid of Cheops in 2017, is the throne room. This room may contain are made of meteorite iron throne, which was used in the ritual of burial, and, according to beliefs, was to help the Pharaoh go to the afterlife. About it writes edition the Daily Mail.

Archaeologists from France and Japan discovered a 30-metre cavity in the pyramid of Cheops using muon radiography in the framework of the project Scan the Pyramids. The scan method is based on registration through the pyramid beams of muons — particles resulting from the collision of cosmic rays with earth’s atmosphere and reaching the surface of the planet. When passing through matter muons are subjected to dispersion and angular divergence, you can determine the density of matter, its composition and to detect cavities.

It is shown that the mysterious room is located above a Large gallery, a corridor leading to the tomb of the Pharaoh. This suggests that the room probably played an important role in the burial ritual. According to the researchers, it performs no practical function, easing the load on the gallery, since the construction of the vaults of the latter was sufficiently strengthened.

According to the pyramid Texts (writings on the walls of buildings) devoted to burial ritual before the Pharaoh, reach the heavenly world, the duat, he should sit on the iron throne and go with it, “heaven’s gate”. According to scientists, the throne can be made of meteorite iron, which was widely used by Egyptians for the manufacture of items specifically designed for the rulers.

The great pyramid was built more than 4.5 thousand years ago and is the largest of its kind monument of the Ancient world. To the XIV century ad it remained the tallest building in the world (about 147 meters). The pyramid is the only one of the seven wonders of the world, preserved to the present time.

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