A teacher in the US has threatened a black student with lynching


Photo: Mason Middle School

In one of the schools in the U.S. state of Ohio white teacher suspected of racism after she scolded one of the black students. Reported by the New York Post.

The incident occurred in December last year, however it became known of it just now. According to 13-year-old schoolboy, teacher “threatened him with lynching if he doesn’t start to work normally in the classroom”.

According to the official representative of the school, the teacher did not want to offend the teenager. The angry mother of a student appealed to the local authorities with a request that the teacher was suspended from work.

On 11 January reported that fourth-grade students in Milwaukee in the us state of Wisconsin were given homework in which they had to name three good reasons for slavery. The mother of one of the students Trameka brown-berry posted a photo of the sheet with the task on my Facebook account. Some students refused to comply with this part of the job.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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