Berlusconi was suspected of money laundering in the sale of “Milan”


Silvio Berlusconia: Antonio Calanni / AP

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was suspected of money laundering in the sale of football club “Milan”, which he owned for 31 years. This is with reference to the sources writes La Stampa.

The Prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into the legality of the transaction with the Chinese consortium. The authorities are interested in whether by money for the club hit in Italy.

As the newspaper notes, the amount of 740 million euros, for which Berlusconi sold the team in doubt. “By the time of sale Milan for several seasons showed disappointing results, conducted the transfer to his level and constantly changed coaches,” explains La Stampa.

At the same time in Prosecutor’s office deny that began investigation into the deal, writes the edition As told in Department, no investigations about the sale of “Milan” is not conducted.

Berlusconi sold the team in April 2017, the Sino-American consortium, the preliminary contract was signed in August 2016. Then Bloomberg wrote that one of the consortium members, Sino-Europe Sports, provided the owner of “Milan” fake papers on solvency.

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