Bloodthirsty threatening Russia’s nuclear doctrine, the USA was leaked


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In a The Huffington Post got a draft of the “nuclear policy Review”. Version of the 64-page document that defines the role of nuclear weapons in national security strategy of the United States, published on the newspaper’s website.

The main external threats to the United States in the report prepared by the Pentagon for President Donald trump called the growing military power of Russia, as well as opportunities China, North Korea and Iran.

In the “nuclear policy Review” is proposed to modernize the nuclear triad, including strategic aviation, Intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines.

In particular, it is proposed to 2019 financial year to complete the life extension program W76 thermonuclear warheads. By 2024, should be adopted by the multipurpose guided nuclear bomb B61-12, allowing for simultaneous use on strategic bombers and tactical aircraft.

Update W88 thermonuclear warheads with a capacity of 455 or 475 kilotons, which is equipped with ballistic missile submarines Trident II is expected to be completed by 2024.

The paper proposes to synchronize support low power (5 to 150 kilotons) thermonuclear warheads, W80-4, and the creation of cruise missiles, long-range LRSO (Long Range Stand-Off), the completion of the program renewal operation W80-4 is scheduled for 2031.

Upgrade thermonuclear warheads W78 is scheduled for completion by 2019, 2030 W78 must be installed on Intercontinental ballistic missiles of the new generation GBSD (Ground Based Strategic Deterrent). In this case allowed the use of a nuclear explosive device W78 (no fusion step) on airplanes of the U.S. Navy.

Support free-fall thermonuclear bombs with a charge of a variable power B83 planned until the weapon is not found a suitable replacement.

Separately noted the need for ballistic missiles, adapted for use both in systems of the air force and U.S. Navy, as well as the possibility of use of nuclear weapons in non-nuclear conflicts.

The final version of the “nuclear posture Review” to be presented to Trump until the beginning of February 2018.

Earlier, the former special assistant to Obama on arms control and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons John Wolfstahl told The Guardian that the new nuclear doctrine of the United States involves equipping ballistic missiles Trident II D5, mounted on nuclear submarines, warheads reduced power, which will remove the fusion step, but will leave a nuclear explosive device.

In this case speech could go about reducing power W76 or W88, W78 but not adaptation which is assumed to be a “nuclear policy Review”.

Wolfsthal noted that he is familiar with the latest version of the “nuclear posture Review” which was “not a lot of terrible things, as originally intended”. The Huffington Post noted that the publication of the document is “pre-prepared project.”

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