Carrier in the United States has wronged China and regretted


Photo: Patrick Fallon / ZumaPress /

The Chinese authorities demanded that the us Delta Airlines to find out why the website for the Taiwan and Tibet is listed as an independent country, and a formal apology. It is reported The Straits Times.

The civil aviation administration of China on its website issued a statement. In it she announced that all foreign airlines are required to check available to users information on their web-sites and lead it “in strict compliance with Chinese law so that a similar situation does not recur”.

Visitors of the Chinese airline’s website on Friday complained that they can choose in the “destination” of Tibet and Taiwan as separate countries.

The day before, the Shanghai authorities demanded from the Marriott to close its Chinese website and the app and remove the information that does not correspond to the official position of Beijing. What was published on the website of the hotel, not reported.

Tibet was forcibly annexed to China in the middle of the last century. Taiwan, according to the official position of Beijing, is one of the Chinese provinces. De facto, Taiwan is not controlled by Beijing, it is recognized as an independent state and 20 countries, in particular El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti and Honduras.

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