Clown-Metalist tried to smuggle ten kilograms of cocaine to Japan


Daniel Ftmurtt: page Daniel Witmore in Facebook

Canadian musician Daniel Witmer nicknamed Dan Skam’s frontman Powerclown, arrested while trying to smuggle cocaine in Japan. The rocker faces up to 10 years in prison, reports the Daily Mail on Friday, January 12.

Drugs were found in the guitar case of a rocker and banks from-under tea. Japanese police confiscated more than 9.9 kilograms of cocaine worth about $ 7 million.

Other members of the team Powerclown released a statement to Whitmore: “If you somehow manage to come back, and we hope, that we may forgive you. Maybe. No guarantees”.

Powerclown is a canadian heavy metal band, performing, in particular, covers of songs of the band Iron Maiden. Members Powerclown perform in clown makeup.

On 11 January it was reported that American rapper Millz Montana, the author of the track Drugsz Sell (“Sell drugs”), was sentenced to three years in prison for drug trafficking.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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