Colombian rebels have turned into hoteliers


Photo: Fernando Vergara / AP

Former members of the rebel group Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC) plan to open a hotel in the village of La Guajira, the province of Meta. About it reports BBC News.

The hotel will have to paint the living conditions of the rebels. For tourists build a plastic hut, covered with palm leaves, similar to those in which lived the members of the group, said one of the initiators of the project, the former unit commander of the FARC Einar Lopez.

Will be affordable and comfortable rooms: the main building is expected to make the current “headquarters” of the FARC in La Guajira. The hotel will serve meals that were cooked for the rebels (wheat tortillas, “partisan figure”).

In La Guajira, says BBC News, former guerrillas set up camp (all in Colombia such camps 26), which should help them to begin lives of ordinary citizens.

Led the FARC in Colombia the armed struggle against the government since 1964. In 2016, the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, and the group’s leader, Rodrigo LondoƱo Echeverri signed a peace agreement. On it, among other things, the FARC must disclose their assets and to pay them compensation for victims of the conflict.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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