Created relieves pain in the legs slates


Frame: The Healing Of Sole – Heel Pain Recovery Flip Flop / YouTube

The doctor of the American hospital Warner Orthopedics & Wellness in Baton-Bugey from the U.S. state of Louisiana Meredith Warner has created a shale, which will help to get rid of pain in the legs. This publication reports Footwear News.

The shoes are $ 99. It is argued that such shale can solve the problem of plantar fasciitis, accompanied by pain in the heel area. They help to support the foot, to reduce the load on the knees, ankle, and lower back. Also The Healing Sole helps reduce pressure on the painful part of the heel.

On 9 January it was reported that the American designer and founder of own brand Rick Owens has created jointly with the German brand Birkenstock Slippers, furry pony. Except for black shales from the skin, the capsule collection will also feature shoes, covered with a granulated skin and felt.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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