Error with Putin-the winner of the election have not been fixed


Vladimir Putinto: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti

The error due to which Google is the current President of Russia Vladimir Putin stated the winner of the upcoming elections of the head of state, corrected. Currently, the system produces correct results in the query “Presidential elections in Russia in 2018” and “election of 2018”.

As explained Executive Director of the Russian branch of the “Wikimedia” Stanislav Kozlovsky, the error occurred because the user who edited the Wikipedia material about the upcoming vote. “Unknown has added the name of Putin in the preamble of the article on elections, then the search engine has indexed it and display the results in a new variant”, — he said RBC.

He added that the online encyclopedia has removed the defect after 20 minutes, and then the error disappeared from Google.

Failure on elections 1/3

Earlier it was reported that Google widget shows data about Putin-“the winner” for the different versions of the query, at what not only in Russian but also in English.

Netizens suggested to be incident intervention in the Russian elections and suggested that Google could be hacked the hackers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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