Found a way to make sex legitimate


Photo: page app Legal Fling

In a network there is an app that helps to legitimize consent to sex with a partner. This writes the Metro.

Service called LegalFling offers users before committing sexual intercourse to send a request to partner to ensure that the desire is mutual. In addition, the app helps to formalize consent to sex, and in the case of allegations of harassment to use it as proof of innocence.

The description says that the button “Accept” legally obliges the partner to follow the rules specified in the user profile. Among them, — consent to the survey, contraceptive use, sexually transmitted diseases, the use of foul language during the act and the permissibility of using techniques of BDSM.

Selecting “Failure” can also be used in legal disputes, say the developers.

The service works on the basis of the blockchain, therefore all actions are stored and can’t be fixed.

The publication notes that on the background of scandals involving sexual harassment, the app could be particularly relevant. For example, at the end of December in Sweden have legalized the item, according to which a man can be prosecuted if the sex he had not received explicit consent from the partner.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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