Hawaii pressed “the wrong button” and scared people in a rocket attack


The inscription “the Threat does not exist”, Gaviotta: usvemcomm / Instagram

Residents of the state of Hawaii authorities sent out the message about the threat of an attack of ballistic missiles. On it informs Agency Reuters.

“The threat of ballistic missiles in the direction of Hawaii. Immediately seek shelter. This is not a drill” — was stated in the message.

The panic lasted about half an hour, until the authorities issued a denial. The Governor of Hawaii David Aydzh apologized to the residents for the false alarm, and promised to take measures to ensure that this will never happen again. “It was a procedure check of equipment, which is held three times a day every day throughout the year. An employee of the Agency for emergency situations pressed the wrong button”, he explained.

An alert sent to their mobile phones and broadcast on television and radio about 08:00 local time, was released in the context of high international tension regarding the development of nuclear weapons in North Korea.

In August 2017 the territory of the DPRK launched a rocket which flew over Japan’s territory, fell in 1180 kilometers from the island of Hokkaido. Total flight distance was 2.7 thousand kilometers. Pyongyang called the start, a prelude to the application of the Pyongyang of the attack on the American island of GUAM located in the Pacific ocean.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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