Kaluga businesswoman has decided to distribute bread free of charge and regretted it


Photo: Igor Maslov / RIA Novosti

The owner of supermarkets in Kaluga Yana Gurova had to roll the campaign for the free distribution of bread to pensioners from-for numerous scandals. This writes the local newspaper “the News”.

Elderly people lined up an hour before opening, I was accusing the store employees and insulted the sellers. “I saw them shaking from all the unsubstantiated claims,” said Gurov.

Additionally, vendors began to bring the bread later than usual, because of which the people began to complain to the Department of trade of the city administration, accusing the store of stealing.

“Most likely, we will sign a contract with the children’s charity Fund and there will donate a percentage of the profits. That is correct,” — said Gurov.

This charity event was launched last summer. Free distribution was carried out once a week. The venue was eventually changed due to complaints from nearby shops to the constant bickering and fighting in line for free bread. However, in another store, working near, having the same problem.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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