Moscow restaurateur accused the police of extortion discounts


Sergey Mironov. Photo: personal page in Facebook

The owner of the Moscow network of restaurants “Meat&Fish” Sergei Mironov said about extortion by police officers cards with a discount of 50 percent for “very important people”. About this businessman wrote on his page in Facebook.

“Today at 13:30, in the midst of business Lunches, to Kuntsevo Plaza was raided by the inspection Department of the MIA of Russia in the area Kuntsevo,” reads the post. Cooks, confectioners, bartenders, police taken to the police office to “check their database,” says Mironov. Despite the provision by the employee of the personnel Department documents, the police refused to let go of staff, said the businessman. According to him, the police actions paralyzed the work of the institution.

“After some time, the personnel officer came to the Deputy chief police major Kasimov nail Salimzjanova and called to his office for a conversation. There he gently and with a noticeable superiority said: “You know, we have three discount cards for your restaurant by 50 percent.” He added: “Unnamed”. And in return, they will stop searching and will be free of all employees” — describes the situation restaurateur.

Through his employee, he offered the police to give them the “standard discount card”: “50 cent — sorry, that’s too much. Some dues in kind. She did just that. What samomdele said, “you Know, it’s a gift from us is very important to people, so in the good ask and it will be worse!””

In the end, the restaurant staff were released from the police station at 20:00 GMT. “They still identified some of mousic, which when properly executed the patents turned out to be false registration,” says Mironov, the remaining documents were in order.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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