Named a traitor for the video with the Ukrainians of the Russian boxer has responded to the criticism


Sergey Cavaletto: Nina zotina / RIA Novosti

The Russian boxer, the world champion at light heavyweight by the world Boxing organization Sergey Kovalev in his Instagram responded to the criticism after a video posted with the Ukrainian military.

“What is a traitor?! What are you talking about, demons? I’m an athlete 11 years and his entire career taking part in the competition arenas around the world, representing their country, making a flag of his country, although Russia gave me nothing in return, except my place of birth and Russian mentality”, — said Kovalev.

The Russians felt that positive video saw the negative. “No matter who, where, how, and what it went, but at least let them go naked, because the main point of the movie was that it was shown “love”. And all the appropriate people, and they are always the majority, saw this message,” added boxer.

The athlete thanked fans for adequate understanding and support.

Kovalev 10 Jan posted in Instagram video called “Love” with the participation of the people in the form of members of the Armed forces of Ukraine. Users of social networks criticized athlete in the comments, accusing the Russians of treachery and support of Ukraine. Then he removed the video.

Boxer, who is 34, won 31 victories and two defeats and one draw, November 26, he knocked out Ukrainian Vyacheslav Shabran.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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