Race with the police proved fatal for the three Petersburgers


Place of proisshestvie: “Vkontakte”

In St. Petersburg killed three young people from the Hyundai Santa Fe, crashed at high speed into a pole. The car tried to disappear from employees of traffic police. This is the website of “Driver Petersburg”.

From various traumas has died on a place of incident the driver born in 1996 and two of his passengers-peers. Two young men were in the car, in a serious condition hospitalized.

The incident occurred on the night of January 13, in the Central district.

In the propaganda Department of urban management, traffic police publication explained that at 03:47 local time at home at the Civic Avenue the driver of the Hyundai refused to stop on request of police officers and tried to escape.

“From the balcony I saw how it was. The car went under 150 meters in 35 until the ring began to slow down, flew up on the curb, then a pole. There was a chase,” wrote in the group “accident and emergency | Saint Petersburg” in “Vkontakte” witness Alex.

On a place of accident there arrived 15 cars of traffic police and 30 members of the rescue services.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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