Russia recalled the racism after “chocolate” tweet “Spartacus”


Photo: Anton Denisov/ RIA Novosti

The organization for the fight against discrimination in football (Kick It Out) said that the tweet of the Moscow “Spartak” about “melting in the sun chocolates” emphasizes the prejudice against the black players in Russia. The text of the statement leads to “bi-Bi-si”.

“Post in the official account of “Spartacus” only underscores the prejudice against blacks in Russia. Before the world Cup only a few months remain, and the situation resembles that of Russia, as the football, there is much work to do to eradicate racism,” the statement said.

The Twitter account of the red-white there was a video where the defender Giorgi Jikia calls of black Brazilians “chocolates, melting in the sun.” Georgians were responsible for the page “Spartak” on January 13.

After that, fans accused the club of racism. In a press-service of the team said that Djikia has posted a record of comments without any indication of the leadership team. Midfielder Fernando has released a video message where he said: “In “spartake” there is no racism, we have a happy family”.

Later a tweet about the “chocolates” was removed. “”Spartak” is apologizing for the unfortunate statement in the official Twitter of the club to all whom it might hurt. The athlete did not mean to offend, but simply unfortunate joke”,” — quoted TASS the press service of the team.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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