Salad “Caesar” caused the epidemic in Ulan-Ude


Photo: Yuri Somov / RIA Novosti

The CPS announced group the incidence of salmonellosis visitors cafe “Solando”, located in the city centre of Ulan-Ude. On Saturday, January 13, according to the management office for the Republic of Buryatia.

The victims attended the institution in the period from 8 to 11 January. A mass poisoning has affected about 70 people, said “Interfax” in regional clinical hospital. For medical care in connection with acute intestinal infection turned 66 persons, 50 of them, including nine children, were hospitalized. Patients had used the “Caesar” salad and other chicken dishes.

In the Rospotrebnadzor administration has indicated that measures have been taken to eliminate the source of infection. With the aim of establishing the causes of the disease a survey of the employees of the cafe, produced samples of ready meals, food raw materials, water, swabs, disinfectants.

The investigation was established rough violations of sanitary legislation, which led to the pollution of the production by the causative agent of salmonellosis. Activity cafe suspended materials are transferred in court.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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