Sex scandals have stymied the work of the writers


Photo: Russell Boyce / Reuters

The writers were afraid to joke on the theme of harassment and rape because of the numerous Hollywood sex scandals. The author of the Comedy series “New girl” Elizabeth Meriwether told The Hollywood Reporter that the workers of the film industry ceased to ridicule the subject even during the group work on scenarios.

“The scenario room, in theory, has always been a place where people could freely discuss the most dirty things. In it you shall from time to time to cross the line if you do it with respect. But now constantly have the thought:”Perhaps this joke I cannot reveal”,” Meriwether said.

A source from one of the Studio said that the writers increased the number of breaks, “so they can recover from participating in conversations on disturbing themes”.

On 10 January it was reported that actress Catherine Deneuve and 99 famous French women spoke out in defense of men “announced the hunt” because of the obsessive flirting. Women said that “attempts to seduce someone, even persistent and clumsy” can’t be a crime.

In October 2017 celebrities started talking about harassment amid sex scandal producer Harvey Weinstein. Rape and molestation accused Kevin spacey, Charlie sheen, Sylvester Stallone, Lars von Trier, Steven Seagal and Dustin Hoffman. In November, the sex scandals have forced Alec Baldwin just in case beforehand to apologize to the women.

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