Shurygina responded to the release from prison of her rapist


Diana Shurygina Photo: @shurygina_diana555Продолжение: Imprisoned for the rape of Shurygino showed up on Dr. oz

Diana Shurygina, who became famous thanks to the broadcasts on the First channel, commented on the release of Sergei Semenov, who was convicted on charges of raping her. In an interview on “360,” she called the punishment too lenient.

“I think it’s unfair. Year! He spent just one year! It is not enough. He didn’t realize it. He is an evil man. Sits there as king, says: “I wanted to be a priest, so I lied”. I proved that I was right. He was convicted. And then he leaves. Only a year!” — outraged Shurygina.

The girl called Semenova “scary man.” “I think he needs to go to work in an orphanage. Should bring some benefit. Must learn to communicate with people and to be nice,” she said.

Early Semenov was released on January 10. Initially the court sentenced him to eight years in a strict regime colony for rape of a minor, Shurygino, then the term was reduced to three years and three months in a General regime colony.

The history of Shurygino and Semenova became public in early 2017, after the participation of girls in the program “Let them talk” on channel one. The authors show dedicated to Shurygino still a few releases that had a viral effect. The girl became popular, and on reaching adulthood, she married 29-year-old operator of the First channel.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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