Swedish zoo admitted to killing nine of the cubs


Photo: Boras Djurpark

Employees of a Swedish zoo has euthanized a healthy cubs, because are unable to maintain them. This told the newspaper the Independent.

The Director of the zoo Boras Djurpark, located 40 kilometers from the city of Gothenburg, has admitted that since 2012, they put nine healthy cubs. According to him, it has to do, if animals are not adopted in pride, while other zoos can’t take them.

“We tried to sell them or to move to other zoos, but unfortunately, no one agreed. At the same time, in the pride began a cruel fight, and we had someone there to pick up,” explained the Director of the incident. He stressed that he was not going to hide it and said that it was “sad, but necessary part of work with groups of lions.”

Over the past five years the zoo has grown only two out of thirteen cubs. Two died due to disease, and the rest were euthanized.

Zoologist Helena Pederson (Pederson Helena) from the University of Gothenburg believes that the practice of euthanasia of animals in zoos raises questions about the meaning of the existence of these institutions. “Obviously, this is contrary to the views of society about zoos. It seems to me that the society should consider whether they are necessary if animals have to pay the price,” she said.

At the end of 2017 two Danish zoo has proposed to bring domestic animals to feed the lions. One of the zoos even offers to see how the predator will eat the pet. The Director explains that this will help to be honest with children and not to lie to them that “their pet rabbit was in heaven after death”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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