Taken from an airplane for trashing the wife of Arshavin threatened the flight attendant prison


Frame: NTV

The wife of a former football player of Russian national team Andrey Arshavin Alice Kazmina, which was removed from the aircraft of the airline “Aeroflot” with two children and a nanny for a riot, threatened the flight attendant prison. It is reported by RT, posting screenshots of texting girls.

“Expect a summons to court. For cruelty to a child you will face from two to four years of imprisonment without the right to work. Are you concerned about the Investigative Committee. The statement you have on the table. Plus there were no violations. “Aeroflot” will also be summoned to the court. You made a huge mistake. You took on Board the mother with two children, the major of FSB Arshavin Alice Alexandrovna,” wrote Kazmina with your number.

It is also noted that prior to removal from the flight, the wife of Arshavin offered one of the flight attendants a bribe of 15 thousand rubles.

The incident occurred on 7 January. Kazmin has tried to transplant a nanny to his business, although she had purchased a ticket in economy. Furthermore, it openly violated safety requirements during preparation for takeoff. In turn, the FSB disown wife Arshavin and stated that she never worked.

Arshavin married Alice Catimini in 2016. The couple has a daughter together, Alice has two children from his first marriage.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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