The Aussie tried to save the dog from a poisonous snake and died


Photo: Marko von der Osten /

Australian resident has died from the bite of poisonous snakes, which brought him a dog. This was reported by the newspaper the Daily Telegraph.

The incident occurred in the Australian town of Tamworth, North-Western suburbs of Sydney. Mesh brown snake bit a 24-year-old man in the finger when he tried to pull her from the jaws of a pet. Then he showed the bite to his mother, she took him to the hospital. However, doctors were unable to save him: the man died, despite an injection of antidote.

Police took the mother of the deceased snake and gave the vets.

According to a professional snake catcher Harley Jones, the man just shouldn’t have touched the reptile. “They don’t want to attack people and are dangerous, only if you touch them. Miss mesh brown snake — suicide clean water,” he explained. Jones also stressed that in his career he has caught hundreds of snakes and never they didn’t bite.

Mesh brown snake — one of the most venomous reptiles in Australia and around the world. 60 percent of all deaths from snake bites in the country is associated with it.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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