The car of the Russians threw stones in Poland


Photo: Facebook Ekaterina Molodtsova

Car the Russians from Kaliningrad threw stones in Gdansk, Poland. About it the owner of the car Ekaterina Molodtsova has told on his page on Facebook.

According to the woman, she and her mother and four-year old daughter went for a weekend to relax and rented apartments in the historical centre of the city. The incident occurred on the morning of 13 January, when they were going to go to the water Park.

“Mother put the baby in the car. In this moment, from the window of the third floor of the house, next to which the car is parked, (…) hail begin to pour Kamenyuki! Not a pebble, not pebbles, but it is a healthy stones are able to break not only the head of the man, but automotive glass”, — she wrote. In the end no one was hurt, but the car was damaged.

Molodtsov said that the police arrived asked the Russians to speak Polish and then long tried to find out whether it is legal the way they got to Gdansk. At this time from the house came two young men, similar to attackers, throwing stones out the window and disappeared. In the end, the arrival of an insurance agent in the apartment no one was there.

The post notes that because of the broken rear window family will not be able to return to Kaliningrad at the scheduled time. To recover the costs to replace the glass the Russians promised on January 15.

As Molodtsov told the radio station “Moscow speaking”, for the continuation of the rest of the window was temporarily sealed with polyethylene. She also said that those who threw the stones, it was 20-25 years. The woman added that to go to court it does not intend. “We to any way do not want to stir conflict between our countries. You just have to pay attention to the education of young people,” she said.

In the comments under the post Facebook users divided into two camps. Some support the woman and wish her more likely to deal with the problem, others believe that what happened is natural and supposedly follows from the relation of Russians to other countries. Some thought that the story is completely fictional.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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