The chicken with the smell of a woman’s legs appeared on the menu of Japanese eateries



Menu Japanese fast food chain “Tenka Toremasu” came the fried chicken-karaage with the smell of women’s feet. It is reported SoraNews24.

The dish went on sale in a promotion that “Tenka Orimasu” in Association with the female pop group “Kamen Joshi”. The company says that the new dish not only smell female feet, but the same sticky.

Chicken for karaage fried deep-fried in batter made from wheat flour or starch. In “Tenka Toremasu” this dish is prepared with various spices and sauces, including teriyaki, curry, wasabi and ponzu (Japanese sauce made with citrus juice, sweet rice wine, mirin and Dashi broth).

The key ingredient, karaage with the smell of a woman’s legs — the breading from natto, fermented soy beans that smell like ammonia, have a specific taste and have a sticky, viscous consistency.

The cost of meals, which appeared in some of Tokyo institutions “Tenka Toremasu” for a limited time, is 400 yen (about 200 rubles).

Group “Kamen Joshi” is known for having its participants hide their faces with hockey masks, reminiscent of the clothing of Jason Voorhies — maniac killer of the film series “Friday the 13th”. In January 2015 they were the first women working with an independent label whose single took first place in the hit parade Oricon Weekly.

In 2009 it was reported that the Dutchman who was expelled from the philosophical faculty of the University because of bad foot odor, through court has achieved the right to attend lectures.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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