The CIA asked Moby to write about trump’s connection with Russia



American musician Moby (Moby) stated that agents of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) asked him to spread in social networks information about the relationships of the American President Donald trump with Russia. About Moby said in an interview with radio station WFPK.

According to the artist, over the years tours of the country he was able to make friends in the intelligence community — “former and current CIA agents”. “I think it was about a year ago, we had dinner and they were really convinced ( … ) that the tramp works as a Russian agent,” said Moby.

“They gave me some information and said, “Look, you got more followers on social networks than any of us, can you please post some of these things to highlight them, — he explained.

The musician also believes that this story will later have more dark tones. “A deep involvement of the family trump in business, their connection with organized crime and sponsoring terrorism, Russian oligarchs, it is a really dark story. I think we’d better fasten your seat belts and hold on,” — said Moby.

In December 2017, reported the expectations from trump’s investigation of his “ties” with Russia. It was noted that the head of state is confident that it will end its full rehabilitation.

In February, Moby wrote in Facebook that the trump was preparing for war, and the Republican blackmailing of the Russian government. He noted that he learned about it after “a weekend with friends from Washington.” Later, the musician wrote that he is “just a clown”, and all this can be true.

Moscow has repeatedly accused of meddling in the US presidential election. In particular, in January 2017 were published declassified version of the report of the intelligence services, which asserted that the hackers who attacked American computer systems during the election campaign, are the Russian authorities, who thus allegedly wanted to influence the political process in the country.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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