The doctors demanded to check trump on possible problems with the head


Photo: Joshua Roberts / REUTERS

American doctors demanded that his colleague Ronnie Jackson to hold not only a physical examination of U.S. President Donald trump, but to ensure his mental health. It is reported by CNN.

Jackson received an open letter, which stated the need to conduct some standard tests in order to evaluate the mental state of the President. Doctors worried slurred speech trump, repetition of words, the impoverished vocabulary and uncoordinated.

The signatories refer to the fact that Trump is already 71 years old, although this procedure is desirable for any man, starting at age 66. In particular, physicians are asked to focus on the neurological examination, to determine the possible dementia and the President’s ability to perceive information.

9 Jan trump was suspected that he did not know or forgot the words of the national anthem. While playing University football championship in Atlanta and the President sings “the star-spangled Banner”. In the video the head of state stumbles out of place and moving her lips, while the choir sings.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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