The Ecuadorians wanted to get rid of Assange because of the stench and beastliness


Julian Assante: Peter Nicholls / Reuters

The Embassy of Ecuador in London, wanted to expel WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is living in the Embassy since 2012, because of his domestic habits and lack of basic hygiene. On Saturday, January 13, Fox News reports.

Embassy staff complained about him, that was one of the reasons of such decision. They noted that Assange is probably not clean and smells bad.

As the newspaper notes, disgusting journalist paid attention before. For example, one of his closest aides Daniel Dumshit-Berg (Daniel Domscheit-Berg) said that Assange began eating with his hands and wiped his fingers on his pants. “I’ve never seen such fatty pants”, he said. A friend and former co-worker of WikiLeaks founder Jeremie Zimmerman (Jérémie Zimmermann) told me that he can not change clothes for a few days, if anyone is going to force him to take a shower.

January 10, Assange received the passport of Ecuador. The day before it was reported that the Embassy staff want to kick him out.

The journalist is in the Embassy of Ecuador in London since June 2012. There he found refuge, fearing extradition to Sweden, where he was charged with rape. In may 2017, the investigation was terminated, but Assange still fears extradition to the Swedish authorities, as the city of Stockholm will give him over to the US where he could face the death penalty for publishing classified information.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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