The French President was the author of the erotic novel


Bridget and Emmanuel Macronite: Ludovic MARIN / REUTERS

The future President of France Emmanuel macron at the age of 16 wrote an erotic novel to their teacher, Bridget, who later became his wife. This writes the magazine “Closer”, referring to the upcoming publication of a biography of his wife.

The book contains the words of a neighbor of Macron, who in 1993 earned sets of texts. “One day he asked me to print three hundred pages of the book he just wrote. It was a bold novel, spicy! The names, of course, was fictional, but I think he wanted to Express what I felt at that time”, — stated in the biography.

The book is about the first lady of France will be in stores January 17.

Emmanuel macron married Brigitte, who taught French at the school and led the drama club, in 2007. The wife of the elected President of France older than his 24 years. The couple has no children together, but Makron adopted a son and two daughters his wife from his first marriage.

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