The guy ran out with a Freeloader. and beat her


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The network has paid attention to the post Imgur user with the nickname Minilogo37 who shared a story of a disastrous date with a girl from Dating apps. His message has become viral and has garnered over 23 thousand likes and 19.5 thousand posts, reports Daily Mail.

Minilogo37 met a girl in Tinder and within a few days of correspondence with her. “I thought she was very cool, so I offered to meet. She insisted that it was dinner in the restaurant”, — said the guy.

However, according to him, the date started is not as he expected: the girl came into the restaurant in sweatpants and ordered food almost 100 dollars. “She didn’t even look at me. I tried several times to start a conversation, but every question got a short and terse response,” he complained. The conversation the girl chose the crab legs, steak, and four glasses of wine.

When Minilogo37 realized that his companion was paying much more attention to the waiter than him, he apologized and went to the toilet. “After the restroom I was released from the institution, got in the car and left. She wrote to me several times and called 12 times”, — he explained.

The young man asked the users of Imgur, whether he did, causing the girl alone to pay the bill. In response to the service users praised the boy, noting that he beat a Freeloader. at her own game.

“You did it, Champ,” he supported him one of them. “A lot of women use Tinder to free dinner,” said another.

However some thought that, despite consumer behavior girls Minilogo37 would cost to pay for itself.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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