The peasants set fire to the sofa in an attempt to Wake up a pensioner and take her money



In the Samara region the police detained resident of the village Alekseevka who set fire to the sofa with the sleeping lady to Wake her and take the money; the elderly woman died. On Friday, January 12, reported the press service of the regional Department of internal Affairs.

The night before the fire, a man and his friend visited the 70-year-old victim. During the feast the lady of the house went to bed and the visitors continued to celebrate. After the alcohol ended, the man and the woman decided to go for a drink. Guest got dressed and went outside, and her companion tried to Wake the sleeping mistress in hopes to borrow from her some money, but he did not succeed. As the man explained to the police, then he decided to use a different method: he had a Molotov cocktail, which he made eve, to burn the garbage. Pouring this liquid the sofa on which slept the pensioner, the guest struck a match and went outside. After extinguishing the fire in the burnt house was found the body of an elderly woman.

On the way to his house, the man remembered his grudge against the neighbor who the same morning was not allowed to visit. He decided on her “jokes” and doused the porch of the house an incendiary mix, have set fire, but the fire went out. Then he set fire to the gate, but here was a fiasco. The man persevered and poured liquid corner of the house and sill, and were again set on fire. Then took the bike of a neighbor and went to his friend to continue the feast. The house caught fire, the owner noticed the fire and extinguished it before the fire brigade arrives.

The police arrested the arsonist on the road to the man.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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