The radical Islamists of Indonesia complained of discrimination


Photo: Darren Whiteside / Reuters

Members of the radical “Front of the defenders of Islam” in Indonesia have accused the company of discrimination in Facebook: a few pages of the organization on the social network was blocked. On Friday, January 12, reports Reuters.

The reason for the access restriction, suspected of inciting hatred. Several hundred Islamists held a protest rally in the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

Protesters dressed in white marched through the streets to the office. “We want to remind Facebook that they should remain neutral, — told reporters the speaker “Front” Slamet Maarif. — There are many accounts that incite hatred of Islam, they continue to work.” He added that the organization will use Facebook and create a new community.

The speaker of the Ministry of communications of Indonesia said that the government has not sent a lock request communities.

In Facebook, in turn, said that the company’s policy includes the deletion of accounts, the content of which violates public order.

Indonesia is one of the largest users of Facebook in 2017 the social network was registered about 115 million citizens of this country.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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