The Russian football Union commented on the racist post of “Spartacus”


Frame: the page of “Spartacus” on Twitter

The head of the Control and disciplinary Committee of the Russian football Union (RFU) Arthur Grigoryants commented on tweet of the Moscow “Spartak” about “melting in the sun chocolates”. The words of the functionary leads

“We are talking about the manifestation of racism and discrimination. Moreover, the record appeared on the official channel of the club,” said Grigoryants.

He pointed out that the case is in the zone of responsibility of the RFU. “However, in order to determine the jurisdiction, it is necessary to carry out additional checks. Should be consulted with Spartak, with the player and officer of the RFU anti-discrimination Aleksey Smertnym”, — said the head of the Committee.

Earlier on Sunday, the international football Federation (FIFA) has condemned the tweet of “Spartacus.” “Any form of discrimination on the field or beyond unacceptable, and it has no place in football,” said the organization.

January 13 visit of Spartak in Twitter appeared the video, where team defender Giorgi Jikia calls of black Brazilians “chocolates, melting in the sun.” On this day, the Georgian defender led the social network of the club.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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