The Russian military retaliated for the shelling of their base in Syria


Photo: Ministry of defense / RIA Novoridazine Strike “Krasnopol” the saboteurs in Syria shown on video

In Syria carried out a special operation on search and destruction of militants, 31 December fired from mortars at the base Hamim, where the Russian military. This was announced by the defense Ministry, reports TASS.

The domicile of the saboteurs was discovered by the commandos in the Western border of Idlib province where the militants were preparing to transplant into the van. Soon the terrorists were destroyed with precision munitions “Krasnopol”.

In addition, Russian intelligence has found a place of Assembly and storage of the drone fighters, a warehouse was also destroyed.

A mortar attack on the air base Hamim was committed on the evening of December 31. The attack killed two Russian servicemen were also damaged several aircraft. After that, the base security was strengthened.

A few days later, on the night of 6 January, the Russian military facilities in Syria have been attacked by drones, equipped with ammunition with explosives and shrapnel. Part of the aircraft was destroyed, the other managed to land with electronic warfare.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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