Ukraine appreciated the benefits of American weapons to Soviet



Director of the Ukrainian “Spetstechnoexport” Paul Barbul in an interview compared the American and Soviet grenade launchers industries.

“Look, RPG-7 effectively shoot at 300-400 meters. American PSRL working for kilometer. Plus — 90% accuracy of hitting the target with the first shot. It changes tactics and significantly increases the ability of our armed forces,” — said the head of the state company.

According to him, the benefits of U.S. weapons to the Soviet samples are provided “due to the design, materials, other pressures when fired”. “I’m testing the grenade launcher the first time got to bench the target is 800 meters,” added Barbo.

Barbul said that the country is experiencing a shortage of ammunition for Western calibres. “In addition to rifle calibers are difficult to find and some artillery calibers. We are now close to import, but still expect that in the near future eventually someone will begin to produce ammunition in Ukraine”, — said the Director of “Spetstechnoexport”.

Grenade PSRL (Precision Shoulder-fired Rocket Launcher) created by the American company AirTronics USA, based on the Soviet RPG-7. Delivery of weapons from the United States to Ukraine began in 2016.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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