Ukraine helped SpaceX


Photo: Spacex

Ukrainian state enterprise “Antonov” has carried out an urgent order of the American company SpaceX for transporting the head part of the Falcon 9 rocket from Los Angeles to Florida. Data from the mission posted on the tracker air flight Flightradar24.

Antonov an-124-100 “Ruslan” used for transportation of large rocket components (in 1788 564 417 centimeters with a total weight of approximately 28.1 per ton), in 4 hours 33 minutes overcame 3613 miles.

Request prompt delivery of goods, the American company sent “Antonov” 3 January 2018. In the application it was noted the importance of timely delivery (until January 11, 2018) of payload fairing for SpaceX.

Included in the “Antonov” unit “Antonov Airlines”, established in 1989, performs about 35 percent of the global volume of shipments by air oversize and heavy cargo.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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