VIP camera in the Matrosskaya Tishina staged a “fixer” Dionysius


Dionysius, Zolotovo: Alexander Scherbak / Kommersant

The main sponsor of the renovation in the SIZO Matrosskaya Tishina, in which there appeared the VIP-chambers, was convicted of fraud by 150 million rubles Dionysius Zolotov. On Friday, January 12, Business FM reports, citing a source familiar with the prisoner.

According to him, a donation to the jail the prisoner issued officially as “humanitarian aid” through their lawyers. “In prison he sent tile, paint, new Windows, new plumbing and even energy-saving light bulbs. Due to the provided materials was fully renovated 10 cameras, which are populated it is investigative-the arrested. The other half of the floor (10 cameras) is already ready for 70 percent,” said the lawyer, Ivan Mironov.

According to him, by Zolotov also was built by the second checkpoint, “which had long dreamed of all the investigators and lawyers.” “On the fifth floor of a renovated hallways, renovated and started a Laundry with modern equipment, which serves the whole building (up to 600 people), as well as new trainers for the gym,” continued the defender. Renovation on the fifth floor of the second building was about six months.

“All the regulatory state and public organizations have followed its course, warmly welcoming private initiative to improve conditions of detention”, — he said. The lawyer believes that the actions of his client for sponsoring the repair cannot be regarded as a possible corruption of the administration. “Everything was done by donations, not money, paint, cement and tiles. What bribe? This is complete nonsense,” — said Mironov. He explained that the isolators all appliances — refrigerators and televisions — usually bought by relatives of prisoners.

According to counsel, prosponsirovat repair, the prisoner received a “moral right to sit a few months in normal conditions.”

The press called Dionysius Zolotov, “fixer”. On the basis of his testimony, was sentenced to 10 years for bribery a former chief of police for the Western district of Moscow Vladimir Rozhkov. According to the statement Zolotov was unlawfully arrested the owner of the company “Royal water” Joseph Badalov.

By results of check spent in jail after the article about the improved camera, was the dismissed Deputy head of the ward, three employees brought to a strict disciplinary responsibility. At the same time, the Moscow Prosecutor’s office said that no VIP camera in the Matrosskaya Tishina was not, and it was only about the difference between normal and refurbished facilities for prisoners.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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