58-year-old boyfriend with a gun began hunting for Taylor swift


Taylor Swiftfoot: Daniel Deslover / Rmv / Globallookpress.com

Police concerned about the safety of American singer Taylor swift. Law enforcement officials told TMZ that a 58-year-old man, who called himself the boyfriend of the artist, intends to “defend it in Africa” through the gun.

A police source said that during questioning on unrelated to the singer case, a man began to brag about her friendship with swift and tried to see how many States he may pass with permission to bear arms. According to the representative of law enforcement bodies, the American, for some reason were going to defend the artist in Africa.

The man was not detained for lack of evidence. However, the police are trying to contact swift to alert her of possible danger.

Taylor swift — the 28-year-old pop singer who during his career has sold over 40 million albums and has received ten Grammy awards. In 2017 completely changed the image of the artist took third place in the ranking of the highest paid singers according to Forbes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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