A cursory leopard five days ran amok in the British countryside


Photo: Terry Whittaker / imagebroker / FLPA / Globallookpress.com

In the British County of Cornwall caught a clouded leopard that escaped from a private zoo and about a week was killing sheep in the surrounding fields. This publication reports The Telegraph.

The predator kept the villagers Grit-Treveran and escaped during a flood. Specialist trapping assured that the fugitive will not go away and eventually come back to the other leopard, which remained in the menagerie. “However, he did completely different,” says the neighbor of the owner of the animal.

Leopard several days hiding in the fields, where, according to locals, children playing. He slept in the barn and hunted in the vicinity of the grazing sheep. On the fifth day the beast got in one of the Fox traps that put the farmer. He was caught about a mile from the zoo.

Twelve years ago, the owner of the leopard through the courts won the right to keep predators in the garden of his London home. After moving to Cornwall he has issued a license, which is required for keeping a dangerous wild animal.

Clouded leopards live in Southeast Asia, from southern China to Malacca and from the Eastern Himalayas to Vietnam. In size they are comparable with an ordinary trot. Body length is up to 100 cm, weight up to 21 kg. The length of the fangs can reach 3.5 inches.

On 10 January it was reported that in the Indian district of Chhindwara (Madhya Pradesh) leopard for six hours killed and ate two children.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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