Clothes of flowers and fruits predicted to revolutionize the fashion industry


Photo: Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Experts in the fashion industry believe that the production of clothes made of organic materials will replace current methods of its creation. On Monday, January 15, reported Fashion United.

The publication has compiled a list of eight environmental innovations in textiles that can revolutionize tailoring. First on the list was the fabric of lotuses, like a cross between linen and silk. The stems of the flower suitable for the manufacture of clothing, but are the most rare and expensive raw materials in the world.

Was recently invented method of ecological fabrics production of coffee. Its advantage over cotton is that such clothes will dry twice as fast. Also, scientists recently learned how to make eco-friendly skin of pineapples. In addition, in the list were several ways of creating clothes: hemp, nettle, banana and apples, from which is sewed eco-leather of the new generation.

The latest innovation on the list was material EcoVero, which is positioned as an alternative to the viscose. It is created from wood pulp under the supervision of ecologists.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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