Double suicide explosion in Baghdad killed dozens of people


Photo: Khalid Al Mousily / Reuters

The explosion of two suicide bombers in Central Baghdad claimed the lives of 26 people, 90 people were injured. On Monday, January 15, reports channel Al-Arabiya.

Head of the Department of health in Eastern Baghdad, Abdul Ghani al-Saadi noted that it already the second similar incident in Iraq over the past three days.

“Two suicide bombers hit a square Tayaran in Central Baghdad during morning rush hour,” said General Saad Maan, the speaker of the Joint command, comprising the army and police. According to him, has killed at least 16 people.

Saturday, January 13, at least five people were killed during the attack of a suicide bomber in Baghdad.

No organization has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The number of such terrorist attacks has significantly decreased in Iraq since, as the security forces of the country took control of almost all territory controlled by the group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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