Fallen from the sky dead fish spoiled the holiday English


Photo: Russell Hogg

Tourists from the UK fell on his head from the sky, dead fish. About the unusual incident reported in the newspaper the Daily Mail.

Russell Hogg (Russell Hogg) of the English city Potrsmouth was resting in the Jacuzzi at the new Zealand Spa resort in Oakland, when his head suddenly landed a big flounder weighing approximately two kilograms..

At first he thought that someone was just “plopped down in the water belly and raised a fountain of spray”, but then found a big dead fish on the bottom of the pool and decided to get it. According to Hogg, the incident puzzled him a lot, and three women sitting with him in a Jacuzzi, scared. The shot came out pretty strong.

Hogg showed discovery family, with which rested at the resort, but they refused to touch it because of the strong smell. Together they decided that flounder on his head accidentally dropped Seagull. Then he took a selfie with the fish and fed her to the birds. He joked that he was going to buy a lottery ticket after this unusual day.

Representatives of the resort stated that it was investigating the incident and are going to carefully study the footage from the surveillance cameras.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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