Fans of Harry Potter released a film about youth Volan de mort



Independent film Studio Tryangle Films has released the full version of the fan film in the Harry Potter universe. Fifty-minute tape posted on YouTube.

The picture, filmed on donations from fans of the original franchise, has been viewed more than four million times.

Tape Voldemort: Origins of the Heir (“Volan de mort: the Roots of the heir”) tells the back story of the main antagonist of the franchise, the dark magician Volan de mort. In the story the heir of Godric Gryffindor Gregory of maclaggen investigates the murder of a rich sorceress Hepziba Smith. Maclaggen suspects in the crime, Tom riddle, a graduate of the school of witchcraft Hogwarts.

Earlier in January, the author of Harry Potter JK Rowling supported the flash mob #BlackHogwarts (“Black Hogwarts”). In the framework of Internet users have demonstrated, would look like the movies about Harry Potter, if they were only dark-skinned actors.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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