In the book of James Franco found the instructions for abuse of girls


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In the book “actors Anonymous” James Franco found the instructions for the seduction of young fans. It is reported by People.

At the head of the “Tell the truth” Franco writes that due to his fame, his life is a lot of sex. “Many actors do this by using their stardom” — the author notes.

“I had something with almost all my colleagues on the set, and I’ve developed a method so that I have someone every evening,” says the book.

As one of the methods Franco writes, he asks “little girls”, who asked the actor to be photographed with them, to send him the e-mail. “So I can quickly give them your contacts in front of a crowd of fans, and later find a way to meet them,” he explains.

Franco notes that he travels, and it allows him to meet “girls around the world”, and those are usually ready to sleep with him again if he re-visits their city.

Book by Franco, was released in 2013, but has attracted attention after allegations of an actor trying to seduce an underage girl. Five women stated sexual exploitation on the part of the artist. Speaking about his book, Franco called her “fiction to find reality.”

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