In the Urals found “Barack the Snow Queen”


Photo: home of the Demon Chukchi Antonov in “Vkontakte”

Amateur photographer Anastasia Popelka from Ekaterinburg made a series of pictures of Barack Winterhoof. Her work drew the attention of network edition E1.

Unusual house found her husband Dmitry Antonov on January 12 in the district Khimmash among resettled wooden barracks. The man’s attention was attracted by the steam rising from an empty house, and he decided to climb inside. It turned out that in the barracks, burst pipes, and a combination of steam and cold has created an unusual interior.

Photo: home of the Demon Chukchi Antonov in “Vkontakte” 1/2

Antonov decided to show the house to his wife, a keen photographer, and in twenty minutes they returned to the barracks with a camera. The family rented a house about forty minutes until the battery is empty the camera.

“All the rooms are as if covered with a small forest of ice… the Most interesting was to see how this “forest” to live their life. Grow “trees” fall in their place, and they grow directly into more. A separate peace, the fragile,” — says Antonov.

On the day of the shooting in Yekaterinburg stood twenty degrees of frost.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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