Milisavljevi plate Ukrainian Deputy immortalized on the dishes



Ukraine has released a series of dishes inspired video, which captured the people’s Deputy of the country Anton Geraschenko in the process of licking the plates in one of Kiev restaurants. Reports about it “Strenia”.

The series consists of three positions: “In proud loneliness” (one plate), “Lick together” (two plates) and “Yaponamat” (four plates). Their price varies from 250 hryvnia (less than 500 rubles) per one plate to 850 hryvnia (less than 1700 rubles) for four.

The product is also accompanied by a manual: “in sub-zero temperatures not a lick; not someone else’s lick, to lick; Can be used as a simulator before going to the boss”.

The video, which Gerashchenko licking the plate, appeared online in early December. The Deputy stated that there was nothing wrong with his behavior sees. “I have nothing to be ashamed of. I respect the different traditions of friendly Nations Ukraine”, — he said.

Gerashchenko said that the video was taken during a friendly meeting with the Deputy Ambassador of Japan in Ukraine Michio Harada in the Oriental restaurant. According to the MP, one of the dishes seemed delicious, and he decided therefore to give respects to the who made it to the chef.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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