“Right sector” brought the blood-stained toys to the temple of the Moscow Patriarchate


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The Ukrainian Ternopil representatives banned in Russia as extremist organization “Right sector” held a rally near the Cathedral of Faith, Hope, love and Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP). It is reported by TV channel NewsOne.

“When social activists along with Ternopil wanted to include only the courtyard of the temple, they were not allowed, having met with the words: “Your father the devil, and you pray to the devil,” and immediately blocked the pass,” — said radicals. In their own words, as a result, two women received minor injuries, which, according to representatives of the organization, “beat the Pro-Moscow monk”.

The radicals held a rally in protest against the refusal of a priest of the UOC-MP Yevgeny Molchanov funeral service of the deceased on December 31 in Zaporozhye-year-old boy, who fell 39-year-old suicidal. Molchanov said that the refusal is that the child was baptized the Kyivan Patriarchate. “Unfortunately, the child was baptized in the Church in which the baptism is invalid. This Church does not recognize the entire Orthodox world. (…) There is Orthodox Church, and there are false Church,” said he.

The father of the deceased child told the “Facts” that his wife “fell on knees”, after he heard from Molchanov that her child is “not baptized”. Molchanov himself insists that he was sorry parents of the deceased, however he was not able to do anything. “I barely restrained myself to not be on his knees before her. But there are things that I have no right to miss. For this God punishes, you know?” — the priest told.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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