Sparodiroval Kadyrov blogger called donkey idiots and the poor


Frame: Daniel Cross / YouTube

Minister for national policy, external relations, press and information of Chechnya Dzhambulat Umarov commented on the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov movie Russian comedian and blogger Daniel Cross. His opinion he told the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

According to Umarov, he had a dual view of “bungled unprofessional performance” of the Cross. “Either this clown is a dreamer, who wanted, as he thought, desperately to make a joke, but liquid shit, or ass-sucker who decided, through its deliberate and very sad expression line up in the ranks of those who are allegedly forced to apologize, you know, to anybody,” he explained.

The Minister said that several times very carefully reviewed video of the Cross, trying to find in his work “a kind of art and its sharpness.” “Honestly, I never realized that it was,” — said Umarov.

He also added that, despite “Herculean efforts”, the hapless poor will remain unnoticed for Kadyrov.

Daniel Cross / YouTube

Cross himself said that his movie is not trying to become famous provocation. “Video is a play on the hilarious news headline. It is directed to move the freedom of speech forward in the field, where it some hell I’m afraid to even squeak. You can’t imagine how I was annoyed with the fact that so toothless parody of Kadyrov, causing such fearful excitement among the people,” concluded the comedian.

Roller Transverse under the name of “Assistant Chief” was published on YouTube on Sunday, January 14 and a day gained more than 780 thousand views. In the video, the blogger laughed at the news that during the visit to Chechnya, the main Russian Grandfather the frost from Great Ustyug has awarded Kadyrov the title of his assistant for good deeds, and imagined how it could be.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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