Supported the feminist actor was accused of sexual harassment


Aziz Asaretto: Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Actor Aziz Ansari in 2016 included in the ranking of the most influential people according to Time magazine, was accused of sexual harassment. 23-year-old American grace (full name not disclosed) in colors described the harassment of the artist in the article on the site Babe.

According to the woman, the incident occurred a year ago at a party in honor of the award ceremony “Emmy”. Grace decided to tell about what happened after January of 2018, Ansari received the “Golden globe” in the nomination “Best actor” for the film “Master of all trades”. The actor also spoke in support of the victims of sexual harassment in Hollywood and has repeatedly called herself a feminist.

According to the girl, Ansari invited her on a date that ended in the apartment of the artist. American said, that he began to molest her, to kiss and undress her, “in spite of verbal and non-verbal hints that she is experiencing discomfort.” Grace said that Ansari was constantly sticking her fingers in her mouth while she tried to shove him.

“For the most part I tried to Express that we don’t want that, turning from him and muttering something. At some point I just stopped moving,” admitted the girl. After several attempts to engage with grace sex she managed to call a taxi and went home.

Aziz Ansari has already commented on the accusations, stating that sexual relations with grace took place with the consent of both parties, and he, in turn, was “surprised and concerned” after learning that the girl took it differently. His words, reports TMZ.

Ansari starred in such projects as “Parks and recreation”, “Clinic”, “I Love you, man” and “the end of the world 2013: the Apocalypse of Hollywood”.

Earlier in January, attempted coercion to perform oral sex and of sexual abuse of minors accused of actor James Franco. This happened after the artist was awarded the “Golden globe” in the category “Best actor in a Comedy or musical” for his film “the Mountain-Lord.”

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